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Pre-Purchase Exam

 "Don't Skip the Purchase Exam"

Hess Equine Veterinary Services recommends that you have a pre-purchase examination completed before you buy a new horse or pony. Whether you are buying a rescue or an equine athlete, this examination will provide you with information regarding the animal's current medical needs. 
At a minimum the pre-purchase examination includes an evaluation of the horses overall health including heart and lung auscultation, ophthalmic examination, assessment of body condition, and soundness evaluation.  These examinations are involved and include a thorough palpation of the horse's body and limbs checking for surgical scars, and abnormalities.  The pre-purchase examination may also include additional services such as radiographic evaluation of targeted joints dependent upon the findings of the soundness evaluation and the inclination of the prospective owner.  The pre-purchase examination is also the ideal time to perform drug testing, if desired. 

A pre-purchase examination provides a snapshot of the horse's health and soundness which ultimately helps the buyer make sound purchasing decisions. 

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