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William R. Hess, DVM

Hess Equine Veterinary Services, LLC is a full service ambulatory practice, serving the needs of horse clients in York/Lancaster counties, PA and Harford/Baltimore counties, MD. 

With the goal of practicing modern medicine, and field surgery for the horse, Hess Equine Veterinary Services has had a successful start since its inception in February 2011. Drawing on experiences and mentors from the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, advances and professional care are made available to the region.

It is our goal to assure you that your horse will be cared for, and treated in a timely and meticulous manner. Products and services will be offered at reasonable prices so that your horses remain healthy and happy in their respective disciplines. 

Hess Equine Veterinary Service Policies

Emergency Services

The goal of Hess Equine Veterinary Services to provide all of our clients with the best emergency care possible.

Emergency Calls

When you make an emergency call, please  detail as much of the appropriate information as needed. i.e. Description of emergency, Horse's name and location (be specific), your name and phone number where we can call you back.

  • We provide 24 hr Emergency / Critical Care Services
  • We answer all calls as quickly as possible with a return call to assess the emergency and make a plan of action
  • If we have more than one emergency at a time, we will triage the calls and provide the emergency service to the most critical case first. We ask for your understanding in these situations.
  • We Do Charge an Emergency Call Fee. We understand that emergencies occur at inconvenient times, and we will do our best to financially work with you.

Ambulatory Veterinary Services

  • We serve York and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania, and Baltimore and Harford Counties in Maryland
  • If you are questioning your horse's condition or if your not sure you need to call, we would rather take a call that ends up being routine than be contacted when it is too late to help your horse.
  • Appointments are made at approximate times. Any changes will be communicated with you as soon as possible. Sometimes an emergency will conflict with a regularly scheduled appointment and the appointment may be put off or rescheduled later in the day. Please keep in mind, if it were your horse with the emergency, you would want us there as soon as possible too.
  • Know your horses normal behaviors and vital signs ( Normal Adult Equines - Heart Rate 30-40 bpm,  temp 99-101, respiration 12-20 breaths per minute ) This will help you evaluate him in times of distress.
  • We accept cash, checks, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard.

Our Billing Policy

Payment is due upon receipt of billing statement.  If you have any questions regarding your statement, please feel free to contact the office at 717.993.5728 or via email at emma.croft65@@gmail.com.  If you would prefer to receive your statement via email, please send a request to me and future statements will be emailed to you.  A 1.5% service charge will be added to all accounts over 30 days past due ($3.00 minimum).  

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Do not use this form for an emergency. If you have an emergency please call Dr. Hess at 717-881-9996.
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