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Parasite Control

Internal equine parasites are silent killers. They can cause extensive internal damage. Minimally, parasites can lower resistance, rob the horse of valuable nutrients, and cause gastrointestinal irritation and unthriftiness. When heavily infected, they can lead to colic, intestinal ruptures, and death.

The war against the internal equine parasite has changed.

Until recently the greatest risk to your horses health was due to large strongyles. With widespread use of dewormers that is no longer the case, they have been mostly eradicated. However, the remaining types of internal equine parasites are not all sensitive to current market dewormers, and they are developing resistance to the products horse owners typically are accustomed to using.

Points to Consider:
  • Not all horses have equaled immunity to internal parasites
  • Few medications available currently provide total internal parasite control effectiveness
  • Many horses could be dewormed less, maybe once or twice a year. If they aren't shedding eggs
  • For horses with higher fecal egg counts and an increased risk assessment, we will develop an effective, budget-minded program to manage the health needs of that individual

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